After switching distros ~ every 6 months for years, I came to the conclusion that one of the main factors to decide if I like it or not is its package manager..

Not saying that some are better or worse than others, just that i have my preferences..

How important is the package manager to you guys, do you even use it via terminal or are you using a GUI (in which case it doesn’t really matter, does it?..)

Kind of a random question but would be interesting for me to know..

I like pacman, not even sure why, it just feels right to me and apt-get just because I know it best😅

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    I'm the same as you. The package manager is one of the biggest difference between distributions, and it's hard (for me at least), to replace Pacman/AUR.
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    I'm on Antergos now, aur is super nice to have. Almost everything you need is there.
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    Package manager and what's in the repos. And that's why I'm yet another Arch user. Can't beat the AUR.
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