For those interested in my ealier experiment of drinking and coding, it did work.

Of course, it's not a very viable method of increasing performance.

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    But is it fun?
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    I can't say it improves my performance in any way.
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    Sounds like you didn't hit the Ballmer Peak
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    @electrineer haha, someone said the same thing on the other post, I love that xkcd comic
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    @kescherRant well, you just gotta take it to the next level, like near comatose, and then get ahold of like a stephen hawking chair.

    actually get ahold of one before that
    just do the science.

    @alexbrooklyn it kinda was
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    @erandria Might as well try falling off a cliff while doing that to increase my chance of becoming ascended, thanks
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    > just gotta take it to the next level

    I remember drinking too much once and getting tunnel vision.
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    Too much being a whole bottle of whiskey.

    That's 28 units of alcohol.

    A quick google says, or would do, once I find one that lets me put in anything more than 9 drinks..

    > Blood Alcohol Concentration is

    > 0.831 g/100 ml.


    > A blood alcohol content of 0.40% will

    > typically kill about half of all adults.

    So, next time, I might be fine with just half a bottle !

    Good thing for me I was in the other half of adults !
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    Drinking in moderation works well with
    *Mechanical design
    *Animation and 3D Modelling

    From personal experience :p

    Gotta try it out for other stuff now.
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