1) What is the size of your team?
2) What is the size of your company?
3a) Do you have one on ones with your manager, tech lead and/or scrum master (insert whatever position you have one on ones with if you have them)
3b) How often do you meet?

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    1.) We have 6 developers in total, split into 2 teams, and are busy finding 2 more
    2.) We have 25 people in total.
    3.) We do not currently have one-on-one meetings regularly, but there are plans to reintroduce those between teamlead and team members. I approve of that idea.
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    1) 15ish people in total on my team, although at the moment it's only another colleague and me working on our current project
    2) 160ish people in total split across 3 cities
    3) Yes, bi-annual performance evaluations with my team lead.
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    1) 10 members in this team, 2 are devs
    2) 5000+ you did say company
    3a) no
    3b) see 3a
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    1) 2 devs plus 2 consultants.
    2) We're 7 ppl all in all, it's a startup.
    3a) I'm supposed to have one-on-ones with CTO quarterly.
    3b) I meet everyone all the time, mostly unscheduled. Always something going on.
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    1. Five developers
    2. Over 10,000 people. (we are an internal dev team, our "clients" are other employees of our company)
    3a. Yes, with my manager
    3b. It's supposed to be biweekly but it's usually closer to monthly due to scheduling issues.

    I also frequently speak with my scrum master but usually not one-on-one. My team has daily working sessions when we hide in a conference room for an hour or two to collaborate and problem-solve together. Our scrum master attends most of the time since we recently transitioned to true agile and she's still learning a out what we do.
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    1. Currently 6 ( depends on project)
    2. 21
    3a. Actually I'm project manager and team lead also
    3b. Yes, I do have meeting every week
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