My wife: Oh, hacking is so cool. Can you show me?
Me: Sure. So there I needed to upload the php file, while my netcat was sitting here in the terminal waiting for incoming...
My wife: Boring, BORING.
Me: ....

(At least my 5yr son appreciates the terminal more than she: typing 'sl' or watching star wars in ASCII art.)

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    Props for inspiring the next generation of computer scientists tho
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    Also protip: apt-get install hollywood. Maybe that'll impress your wife 🤣
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    I'm reminded of:


    > Shut It Down
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    I'm also reminded when a then partner wanted to help me work on my vehicle build.

    Half an hour of hacksawing later, one piece of metal for making a bracket is produced.

    Now, we just need 19 more of those..

    Partner disappears inside, never to be seen outside helping ever again.
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    You should try showing her how to hack NASA with html 😂
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    Whew, at least this won't happen to me if I marry my gf... we are classmates(faculty of information technology) and we both work as developers 😁
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    Your welcome.

    Want to scare your PM's have this up on your monitor 🤣 full screen and type real fast.....
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