You know, it's hard for me to admit, but I kind of like what Microsoft has been doing with GitHub lately

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    such as?
    not denying, just curious
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    While I don't disagree, I think gitlab has surpassed github now. I only use github when I'm required to because I feel better supporting the open source platform over the closed source.
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    If it wasn't for company repos being in github, I would have no reason to use it.

    GitLab offers everything you need built in from repo, teams, permissions, CI/CD pipelines with a simple .yaml file and away you go.

    If I could get away with it I would port the repos I work with out to GitLab and setup my workflow over there instead.
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    @erandria the free private repos, CI (actions), and the newly announced package hosting
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    @bohr yeah I was nervous when they acquired GitHub, but then they made private repos free and added the other features you mentioned. I didn't believe them when they said Microsoft was embracing open source, but apparently they weren't lying.
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    @EmberQuill free organization are not allowed to have private repo now 😢
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    @devTea they're supporting open source, but only from individuals I guess
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    @Techno-Wizard I think the logic is to only fine those groups which don't want to make their code public. Open source organizations should be fine with public repos.
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    @devTea it's not by accident
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    @Mbithy it was free when they announced free private repo, then they close it afterwards, I have 1 private repo on that organization
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    @Techno-Wizard Gitlab has been ahead of Github for several years
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    Shh don't tell too loud, or haters will kill you

    @C0D4 that's why for that i always used visual studio team services, now called azure devops

    I'm not surprised about free private repos, thay always have been on vsts
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    The current alternative to gitlab from Microsoft is the combination of GitHub + azure devops, now we can integrate the azure pipelines to github projects
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    @kiraDev there is also another alternative, already for ages, only azure dev ops, before was called vsts
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