Am at a Hackathon and am being judged for coding in Java, and I have been relegated to developing the front end. I feel judged.

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    Bruh instead of embracing your strength, they made you toil at something totally different? Shady move
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    They all code in javascript it would have been hard to collaborate but its okay I learnt a lot in one night.
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    @TheyCallMeMJ idiotic move even. why assign a frontend task to someone if their strength lies in object oriented programming? What a bunch of noobs your teammates are...
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    @KrayOlympus depends on how good their javascript skills are. If they are script kiddos you'd all be pretty able to collab.
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    Sounds like a bunch of script kiddies. Literally
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    I am a big fan of java but your teammates are a bunch of script kiddies idiots.

    It was also my experience that Java is generally hated on Hackathon, don't really know why 💁
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