Hi all,
I want to get advice about a VPN Service,

Currently NordVPN giving away 75% discount for 3 years subscription which costs $107.55,

Any of you have experience with their service?

Need reviews or opinions

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    Setup your own on aws. they even have a readymade vm template for openvpn.
    depending on your bandwidth use, it might be cheaper.
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    Might want to ask @linuxxx!
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    Thanks will check
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    @Root yeah

    @linuxxx can you give your advice?
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    I used Nord for a couple years. It worked when I needed and got the job done. I can't really say they ever had a feature or server location that I couldn't find somewhere else. That being said, I don't recall ever having a bad experience with them. The connection always came up quick enough and the price was good at the time I bought in.

    Also worth mentioning, don't feel like this is a once in a life time deal. They are always running some deal or another.

    As usual it is going to come down to which company you want to trust. Some will be better than others.

    Or as mentioned you can build your own.
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    Haven't really used NordVPN myself, but I've heard some not-so-great rumours (might be worth looking into it). The fact that they always have a deal/discount running seems a tad suspicious to me too.

    Like @bhouston said, it all falls down on who to trust. In my case, k quite like Mullvad!
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    @magicMirror or even better, you can get a VPS on Hetzner for ~3€/mo with 20TB/mo traffic included (unlike AWS, for which you pay anything above 15GB and it's way more expensive)
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    I use protonvpn for general stuff (free) and windscribe if i want to p2p (free 10g/month)
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    Hetzner offers 2$/mo servers. Use that with OpenVPN and you got a VPN for practically nothing.
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    @PrivateGER Thanks will look
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    I quite like Windscribe, managed to get a lifetime membership for like $50 and they're doing some cool features. They have a pinhole like thing which you can configure for when you're on the vpn
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    I have used NordVPN for last 3 years and have had no issues with it at all.
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    Recently, NordVPN (on Android) sent your email address - together with the Google Advertisement ID - used for registration to third party tracking providers.
    They have changed the privacy policy since, but In don't if the have stopped the transfer.
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    This looks perfect 👌

    Can you tell us how you got lifetime plan?
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    Building your own VPN is not such a great idea I think. You'd only get a single location and you wouldn't have any of the apps and stuff they usually provide
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    I actually tried Nordvpn a couple of weeks ago. In part because they get rave reviews all over the web, in part because of a similar low price offer.
    Did not turn out well. First I had massive problems with their payment system. Got redirected around to non-working url:s. Their customer support provided an other link that worked. Then their download link was dead for Linux. I got it working in the end, or not quite. Their website reported I was "protected" and all seemed fine. But online services still could detect my real physical location. So it was leaking somehow. They did give me my refund without any trouble.
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    @Froot but you can create a myriad of personal selfhosted services hidden behind that VPN, so only you can access them.
    I have my personal DNS (pi-hole) and I'm gonna set up a file-sharing service (nextcloud/owncloud), as well as a bunch of other stuff (Minecraft server and webhosting).

    It's more of an all-in-one package. Bonus: far more monthly traffic! Hetzner offers 20TB/month with all their VPS servers. That's *Terabytes*, not Gigabytes. I once turned on the VPN then forgot about it and watched a couple of movies in streaming, using almost 50GB. "Oops. Oh well, no big deal"
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    1. single location - if you use aws, you choose your location. even vps providers allow you to choose the datacenter you want to use.
    2. stuff? what stuff?
    3. apps? what apps?
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    @magicMirror yea but switching isn't as easy. Say your'e vpn-ed through Ireland, now you want to go through Sweden, you'd have to migrate your server and whatnot while with a regular VPN it's a matter of reconnecting.

    I meant the client software.
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    @endor true, I just don't use VPN for that. I look for VPN to spoof my location or to hide my tracks.
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    @Froot moving from one vpn to another.. not a common scenario. Still really easy, with a template machine.
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    I have been using BolehVPN for several years now. No complaints from me. Good speeds, too.
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    @magicMirror switching VPN locations is very common for my usecase.
    And obviously you can do it but do you want to fiddle with servers or get some work done?
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    I like PIA and Mullvad. I currently use PIA because I already live in the five eyes (which is where they're located), and they have been seized by the government before and the court records show that they had absolutely nothing to hand over.

    Check out thatoneprivacysite, it's basically an unbiased reference sheet for VPNs. It's not a one-stop shop, though
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    @ganjaman I thought protonvpn has 30 day trial?
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    @Froot you just described my day job.... 🤷‍♀️
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    @stackiox I actually got it through Stacksocial, not sure if they're still doing that offer. If not I think they're prices are pretty reasonable
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