If you could go back to the time where you were a CS(or IT) undergraduate, what would you do? Change or really focus on? And tell yourself.

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    Focus, and start early
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    @devTea Wiser words have never been said...
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    I don't think there was anything I could say to improve.

    I went to the public university but had little money to buy proper food to focus at class. Maybe push my dad for higher budgets...?

    I wished I hadn't have the need to do that....
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    Focus on social skills because they will become more important than your tech skills later when applying for leadership positions
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    What I'd definitely change:

    - apply for a lesser renowned but nearby university instead of struggling at an "elite" uni because you either spend all your "free" time commuting or need 2-3 jobs to pay rent, food, etc. From a different perspective its not that bad - the gained experience as a developer helped me more than the actual degree.

    - attend to more business oriented courses.

    - more networking.
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    More C.
    Stay in C.
    Never touch PHP. Never get stuck in web dev.
    Bathe in C.
    Be further molded by C.
    Pick up Ruby for scripting.
    Have a stint with Haskell.
    Go back to C.
    Change game studios to avoid epic-level burnout.
    Ship some AAA titles instead of A titles.
    Write a C interface for Haskell.
    Have a polyamorous relationship with Haskell and C and Ruby.
    Teach C to all of our children.
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