Anyone who can point me into a good direction of linux customization? I want to customize my desktop experience. Like console style and such. I was thinking of arch but never actually made it trough setup.

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    If your gonna go this route and its your first experience, do yourself a favor and take the time to figure out linux from scratch. Trying to customize a distro that's already setup will most likely have you pulling your hair out.

    My head's missing a few patches at least. We got the bright idea to try and customize zenwalk, which is more or less slackware, only it still uses lilo for a bootloader. Did learn a lot however, just at the expense of over a dozen virtual machines 😅
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    I greatly recommend Arch. You can use Archfi to install it https://github.com/MatMoul/archfi

    And dont worry about not learning Arch by using it. It prints out almost all commands it executes. If you want to learn partitioning you can read this https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.ph...
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    I would advise against this unless you have too much time to kill and want to spend it the most useless way.
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    @lastNick idk depends on how much you already know. I picked up quite a bit both about linux and bash as well. I even got a little vim practice in. I was fucking with it manually using a usb drive though. That's gets to be really time consuming 😅
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    KDE Plasma/i3gaps
    ZSH + Oh my zsh
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    @Root bspwm if you’re feeling brave
    Or awesomewm
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