Fuck sake, had to change the cooling system on my desktop, figured out the new cooling is too big(Noctua) to fit the GPU back, change the HDMI output to the motherboard(my CPU is an APU) and black screen all the time :(

It's fucking normal that as soon as the old GPU is lacking the system is not capable to switch to the embedded one? Fuck me.

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    Check the bios setting? If the default graphics output is set to gpu it may not work if you don't have one plugged in
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    @endor yeah I remember that setting, but funny, because I can't put back the GPU and not having a cooling for the APU ._____.

    I'm doomed
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    Noctua ❤

    Just hate the color scheme.
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    Not normal, which mobo and apu?
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    mobo> https://gigabyte.com/Motherboard/...

    cpu> AMD A10-7700K (Kaveri 2014)
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    @h4xx3r there's an option to disable the internal gpu even when there's no other gpu installed. If you're not sure you haven't touched that, clear the cmos.

    Other than that, maybe there is some other reason that prevents the computer from posting altogether? Or maybe the apu is missing pins?
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    @electrineer fuck me, part 2

    I don't have the 3 pins CMOS but the 2 pins one, so the CMOS jumper isn't on the motherboard, and I can't find that little piece between my motherboard original pieces... Also can't find a reseller online 😑

    And it's so damn tight the CMOS location...
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    @electrineer ok, followed a junky way, short circuit with screwdriver.

    Worked, but now Windows send to complain -_-
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    @h4xx3r maybe your sata is not in ahci mode? Or it wasn't but it is now
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    @electrineer can't get why, I just booted directly into the hd instead of Windows boot manager and it boots normal, still fails if through the default WBM 🤔
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