If you're recording a tutorial then please switch to dark theme. Just because you like getting your eyes burned it doesn't mean the rest of us also do

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    Stop watching YouTube tutorials and do some bloody work.
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    @Alice 😱it's so pretty
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    I prefer light themes. Light on dark stresses my eyes more than the dark on light themes. The display is never too bright, mainly because of blue light reduction and the ability to afford additional light sources to compensate outdoor light fluctuations. Duh. Fuck me, right?
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    What they should really do is record it once with each theme and let the viewer switch.
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    I remember the days when we were so happy that monitors were not a pile of green or amber shit on black background anymore.

    You know, we had fucking LIGHT BULBS in the room so that the monitor was never the only light source, thats's how light themes are meant to be used!

    The whole dark theme crap is just rehashing 80s tech limitations, this time as fashion statement. You know, a monitor DOES have brightness and contrast control. That was already there in the 80s. Use those fucking controls!

    What's next in retro? Reviving "Modern Talking"? 80s style hair cuts? Glam Rock?
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    Tutorials should use uncustomized UI and extensions, unless you do an “episode 0” where you explain to the viewer how and why your setup looks different than theirs.
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    Your username and password are the same? :D
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    Someone prefer dark (me too) someone prefer light, some study says dark is better some study says light is better... Get over it
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    @milkyway to be honest I have no idea. I don't even remember what email I used for this account
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    Or just use https://scrimba.com

    Makes things so much easier
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    @Fast-Nop You know, I could go for one where my home ADSL modem doing those old modem screeching sounds on occasion. NOT the dial-up 56kbps speeds though. Just the sounds :)
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