When QA says sometimes this bus is reproducing °°

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    Yeah I hate it than my bus starts smashing other busses to reproduce
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    Who else does not love surprise bus sex
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    Observed very late unable to edit :(
    Anyway *bug :D
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    Yah. It hurts 💔
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    Reproducing bugs... So annoying, when you think you fixed them all they have reproduced and mutated.
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    @droidtech and it sucks..
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    @Codex404 and [REG] kills me.
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    Well, in defense of me and all of my QA colleagues, sometimes 'random' reproducability is the best we can do.

    One of my favorite bugs were missing translation due to vue.js being delivered half and being blocked due to mismatched content length. I can tell you the issue, I can run 300 automated tests and tell you the frequency, times and the serverload at the time but I can't tell how to trigger it because I do not have the tools to analyze it. So I have to label it as sometimes or random. Its not lazyness, believe me a lot more time goes into analyzing randoms than any other kind of bug (except maybe security stuff).
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