Docker + GitLab CI/CD is overpowered 💓

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    i had a coworker creating dynamic urls, I think it's called environments.

    like testing-feature-03.mysite.com, and it's all created on the fly.

    really fucking crazy useful thing
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    GitHub: please nerg gitlab
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    We use github, docker and ansible, it's really amazing how configuration as code can turn everything around 😍
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    We use Only Azure devops ❤️
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    @alexbrooklyn I gotta learn ansible and GiLab CI/CD <3
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    @jesustricks Yeah right! We use it at work too!
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    I know right. It's awesome!
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    Can you elaborate what makes this combination more awesome compared to other CICD flows?
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    Gitlab cicd is better then others, but can really be annoying sometimes.
    1. does not allow to set variables between stages.
    2. when a runner is stuck, it is stuck. no way to recover, other then ssh into the runner, and unstucking by hand.
    3. no way to cancel a long running script action. gitlab will wait for the script step to end before canceling. gl if the step is long.
    4. gitlab pipelines have no awareness of multiple build requests one aftet another, or how to deal with them. there is an API to deal with it, but requires user auth level token , not project level one.
    5. no plugin support.
    6. no loop support.

    other then that - much better then jenkins!
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    @magicMirror oh yeah, I'm not a big fan of gitlab runner, I have like a love hate relationship with it.

    like to do the most basic shit you have to read sooooo much documentation... the api is nit that elegant also...
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