So, I've been developing a little Chrome Extention for people who usually searches quite a lot on Wiki and Wiktionary.

I mainly developed it for my own laziness to open a new tab and search for a term.

What it does is, when you select a word and triggers the extension, it will show a little dialog with Wikipedia and Wiktionary definitions for the selection.

If anyone is curious or interested in the idea, would be helpful to receive some feedback.

(sorry for the logo on the image, it's the only one that I have here, at the moment.)


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    I love the idea! Good work, I’ll try the extension when I get a chance. Have you put it on github by chance?
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    @Alice, I didn't understand about what you are talking about.

    The extension isn't the best, neither perfect. At the maximum I would call it just useful.
    I posted here just to see what people say; to see if the path I'm following with this it's a reasonable one.
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    Yeah. It's on Github:

    The code isn't really organized, but I'm rewriting it to try to organize more.

    And, thank you, sir!
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    @Alice, do you think it should be on Random?

    Edit: Yeah... thinking about it, it seems reasonable to be on Random. Sorry for the people who see this :/
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    @Alice dear alleged devrant goddess, can you be any more cryptic?

    I'll try your ext tomorrow op
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    i just tried it
    looks good man!
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    Grammarly .
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    Not really. I usually use it.
    Grammarly gives just the definition, if I'm not wrong. But usually, more than just the definition, I like to see the etymology and wiki about terms.
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