"is Kotlin worth learning? React or Vue or Angular? Is Flutter worth learning?"

Is devRant a search engine? I can't be the only one tired of these posts. It is also very tilting seeing the responses to a yes being "okay, I will research it".

Bitch, you're supposed to research it from the get go. devRant is not the preliminary to doing a fucking Google search.

I feel it is almost equivalent to asking a coworker before actually googling it (which I admit I sometimes catch myself doing).

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    I feel like those who ask that here are looking for real opinions rather than blog articles on the hype train. Most likely students with little connections too.
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    1. most of articles online is just copy pasting shit
    2. If only my coworker understand what I’m talking about, that would be great
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    If I ask such a question on devRant it's genuinely because I want to know what people who work with X on a daily basis actually think, or if it's just another over hyped regret train.

    Blogs are useless marketing bullshit which provide next to no real
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    @aviophile déjà vu
    I'm sure I've already done this before

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    Bullshit. Its great for questions like that.
    Not everyone has people to talk to about stuff like that and this community covers a broad spectrum of developers
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