Intend to help a friend to find out what's wrong with a software installation in his laptop today...
But forgot that his Windows installed in Chinese version... how am I supposed to help.... (; _ ;)
I can't read Chinese... can't even find how to open Control Panel...
My native language is not English, but I always have all my techies set up in English.

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    We had something similar when we shipped a machine with German Windows to India... ^^

    Btw, the category "devrant" is only for stuff related to devrant.com , not for developer rants which are just "rant".
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    You should try a French version of windows.
    After that the Chinese one is bound to make sense. 🤣
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    That makes me think of Pokemon.
    Im Dutch and in general most games are launched in English here because everyone over 14 and under 40 knows basic English (at least to understand it)
    My aunt is from France and her sons always get their pokemon games in French. When playing with them things were impossible for me as 8 year old. I had trouble with English already, how could I know pokemon names from the pokemon I was carrying? 8 year old me didnt like French. 23 year old me still does not like French.
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    Use google translate on phone and point camera to monitor to read chinese and change language ?
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    @kgbemployee "Voulez-vous chouchez avec moi? Oui/non" ;-)
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    Computer = ordinateur
    Mouse = souris
    Settings window = fenêtre des réglages

    Goods luck!
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    @Codex404 Je parlais d'un dialogue à l'écran. ^^

    (I was talking about a dialogue on the monitor.)
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