Freelance web devs:

How do you handle pricing? By page or by hour? What's your rates?

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    At times like this, I echo patio11: https://kalzumeus.com/2006/08/...
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    By the hour - with a 15 minute minimum if you're doing CMS-based websites for clients. The reason for this is that you'll get bombarded with shitty little changes, so charging for at least 15 minutes even if the change only took 2 minutes encourages the client to send you a list of changes. This means that a) they have to actually think about what they're asking you to do and b) you can batch up changes and get them all done at once
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    calcuate this formula for a year and divide it by 2'016 yearly work hours. That's your hourly rate.

    "yearly cost of doing business" + profit margin + contingency + your salery

    the cost of doing business means everything you can think of expenses needed to run your business. Rent, electricity, new computer, licenses, subscription, coffee, marketing, customer acquisition, printer, travel expenses and so on. you have to have to make that mony or you'll go bankrupt.
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    @heyheni or 2080 if you want paid vacations.
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    @heyheni this is going to be like a once or twice side hustle.

    I've got all my living expenses covered between student loans and my actual part time job. Just trying to pass some free time and pick up some extra cash.
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    I decide that through the type of project and the amount of time it will take.
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    I would always go for hourly pay.
    As we all know guessing how much time something dev related takes is almost impossible.
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    @bkwilliams If you want paid work hours, you better lower the division instead of that... :v
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    As freelancer just take contract jobs. They pay a good hourly rates and ensure months and months of work. At least here in NL and I can imagine it might work about the same in the US but I might be completely wrong.
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    @unsignedint What do you mean by 15 min minimum. Could you please explain?
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    @vevek You bill them 15 minutes of work even if you worked 1 minute.

    This means that you would be billing them a quarter of your hourly rate. For example, instead of $20/h you will bill them $5.


    As for the topic, I'd suggest you to be flexible. Currently what I use is - hourly OR fixed. This means that depending on project - I could bill both. Of course, hourly gives flexibility while fixed is your estimate + profit margin.
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    @bkwilliams shouldn't we divide by smaller number to have bigger rate and thus more paid free hours?
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    @gitlog the profit and contingency and your salery is for that.
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