Just review and merge my PR already!!!
Damn is it frustrating to see PRs stagnating after finally finding an open source project I can actually bring something useful to :(

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    5 weeks later: reviewed with 15 comments about codestyle
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    It's more frustrating when it's a library you want to contribute to for use in your own project! The number of times I've just ended up forking it and hosting my own version on Bintray...

    That being said, I've found myself on the other side of the fence with this too - and I do sometimes take a while to get around to reviewing PRs, especially when it's not very clear what they're doing, what it achieves, and most of the diff is filled with whitespace and needless formatting changes..
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    @AlmondSauce I tend to try to process merged early, my team has gotten me used to the "either merge quick or we'll make sure the merge tool makes you want to slap your future past self" paradigm. The more you wait, the more diffs accumulate.

    Right now, what frustrates me is that I want to get onto bigger changes for the programs I have my PR for, but I'd like to rebase before that
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    @CptFox Internal merges, sure, I agree. But if someone creates a PR on my open source repo and it's not clear what it does, the benefits it brings are questionable, and the diff has whitespace changes here there and everywhere, it's likely to get left alone for a while. If it then transpires that it's too much faff to get it merged in later because the project has moved on, then so be it - it gets deleted.
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