Someone donated to me today for one of my open source projects.

I don't even know what to say. Thank you πŸ™

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    Its good feeling right ?

    I remember my first donation i got for my Xperia P ROM work i did. It was 1$ but it felt as 100000$.

    I was so fucking happy that someone found my work so useful that they gave me money for it.

    The next day i got 5$ donation from other person.

    That was like OK WOW.

    Next month a friend who i talked to was like wait i need to do something while we were in voice chat about rom developing. He sent me 20$ from his first paycheck and that was like i was in heaven.

    Then i stopped using paypal and i only use bitcoin from now on.

    Got like 10$ in bitcoin so far.
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    @Haxk20 my story of donations.

    I made a tool for quite small communityof admins of servers of one game - ark survival evolved. People who needed it, loved it. 2 years later, got my last donation like month ago. One person donated 25 dollars, it felt like milions. Next month very same person did same.

    Will never forget my first dollar earned that way.
    Although in total i earned maybe 100 bucks im very happy with every single one of them.
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    @DubbaThony Indeed. Even tho its technically small amount it feels like billions because you know someone out there felt that your tool or whatever you created is worth more then small thank you.
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    Exacly. I wasnt sure if i will colect one donation. Especially that there was other tool that yelded similar effect and on addition pushed it onto server config but quality of numbers in my tool was well.. Much much better.

    We worked on maths (i did it with someone in colab) really lot to really make our scaling playable and enjoyable, and very configurable.

    Well, apparently people appriciated that efford and it was wow o,o. People gave a damn.
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    What project is i?
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