Well, wasn't my mom, but once, i was in the house of the nanny of a girl i used to date..

I've told her that Im a developer and The nanny already got it like : "ok you know about cumputer and stuff related"..

So..the internet connection was shitty as fuck

She asked me to repair the internet,
I told her I didn´t know anything about network, but.. she insisted.

I said that she better call their internet company and they would explain what is the situation there..

She told me that It was unnecesary, and insisted again..

(We wera talking in the bedroom)
So i left the bedroom, then I went to fucking internet modem, unplug the power cable, then plugin it again..

The internet was still shitty, BUT, she had a placebo effect about the speed.. she was so happy with me and she started saying that I was smart.. (I wanted to kill myself)

we stop dating ..

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