How did you guys feel when you graduated? More of a feeling of relieve that it's over or sad like what do I do now?

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    More like: why the hell did I torture myself voluntarily. Noone gives a fuck about degrees.
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    Me: about fucking time I leave this place
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    @darthkebab It's the world we live in today...
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    That's an excellent question, I'll leave it for someone that actually knows what that feeling is.
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    @C0D4 But I wonder, if you don't get your degree. Is it ever possible that a company will want to do a job interview with you in the first place? I'm not sure. I feel like you just need the paper to put your foot in the door and after that it doesn't matter.
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    I was happy that it is now all over, a bit sad to because free time reduced by 60% because of work.

    Though having a job and enjoying what you do is worth giving away those 60%.

    Add on it relying on your self in everything rather than living under parents umbrella (though I still live with them but I handle my own stuff now instead of asking them for help)

    Just enjoy the new chapter you are opening, I sure do miss collage days but I don't think I'll be happy to live them again
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    @thatguyatwork I'm a full stack dev (10 years of commercial work) currently with a well known Australian retailer.

    Just giving a colour or the First letter would be enough to know where I work.

    Pretty sure I don't need that paper.

    Companies will consider you if your previous experience meets their requirements, that's what's actually key in this field.
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    Wow, I was expecting more people to say this was normal. Good to know I'm not the only one who thought high school was hell I guess.

    I missed one person that was there and that was because she was burnt out out so bad she turned down her full ride to the juco.
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    @M1sf3t I am talking about college right here. But yes I understand your point.
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    @thatguyatwork I got tons of offers without having graduated. Studied though to have possibilities for the future. A degree is a must have for tasks going beyond painting the button red, which usually is 90% of the development today.
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    @thatguyatwork ah, yea I didn't make it that far. I burnt out a year later and gave the rest of mine to the army 😅
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    When I finished studies, I felt like "and that's it?", but that was because the change had come gradually over five years. Actually, I had learnt a lot.

    Then I had two offers for a doctorate, which I declined both. I disliked the idea of being a prof's personal slave for four years. With holding lectures if the prof isn't inclined to do his job and all kind of shit except actually doing my research, most of which the prof would then label as his works. In the industry, I can always quit. And the industry pays better.

    What astonished me was how much leisure time I suddenly had in my job, so much more than during studies. After-work hours and weekends were actually free, and holidays also. No preparation of homework or exams.
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    @M1sf3t I liked college more than high school. Like most of the stuff in high school I never used later in life. It felt useless.
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    @thatguyatwork I've used electrical trades a little 😂
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    Feeling of relieve that it's over and I can start my financally independent life .

    And up to today I sometimes wake up an have the feeling I haven't finished something and my diploma is not valid.

    But I read that this is a common spleen of academic graduates.
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    Bittersweet, wanting to find a job and feel not a worthless piece of shit. I did less than a month after graduating.

    I was also looking for another reasonable Master's degree opportunity in Europe as soon as possible, a scholarship perhaps (You know, a poor peasant I am...) and the hunting felt like "Ah shit! Here we go again..."

    Now that I will be starting my Master's next fall, I once again feel "Ah shit! Here we go again..."
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