Haven't seen anything from linuxxx for sometime. Any news?

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    He's MIA?
    Oh wow, 25 days without @Linuxxx... this can't be good.
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    @C0D4 MIA?
    Either his life is perfect now or he's busy lol
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    @gitpush the @Linuxxx life would have to be perfect to be Missing In Action on devRant😉

    Either that or there is a Women involved 😅
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    He's eating a pizza for the time being!

    (Someone asked the same thing few days ago and got the responses you can expect.)
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    @C0D4 I vote for a women involved, or else he wouldn't be on devRant if tech alone is enough to keep him busy lol
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    @Jilano I'm not following lol, what happened ?
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    @gitpush No worries
    He just has things to deal with and doesn't want to share (understandable)

    More info: https://devrant.com/rants/2101811/...
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    @Jilano Oh well hope all ends good
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    Operator: 911, What is your Emergency?
    ME: HELLO *tensely*! I think I found a person dead!!
    Operator: Oh my god! First, you need to calm down and slowly tell all the elements in the victim's area.
    Me: His name is @linuxxx and the last time I saw him was 25 days back.
    Operator: I thought you said he was dead.
    Me: Yes, he is DEAD!!
    Operator: How are you sayin' he's dead?
    Me: He hasn't come to devRant for the past 25 fuckin' days. What other evidence do you need!!
    Operator: I am extremely sorry sir! Will send the backups as soon as possible!
    Me: 25 DAYS!! he would have been decayed by now. Only God could save him.
    Operator: Also will send a hearse with a large coffin.
    Me: *cries loudly*
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    I bet node.js ate him.
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    Devrant celebrities...
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    @aviophile celebrities--;
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    Didn't notice until you pointed it out.
    Maybe he found out the devRant women are actually men
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    He must be very busy because he didn’t react to the recent WhatsApp fiasco.
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    @C0D4 there's always a woman....
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    Again - he’s alright. I messaged him and he said he’s busy and taking a break.
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    @RantSomeWhere we need some evidence.
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    @KartSriv not really, linuxxx can do what he pleases, there's no call to share a record of a private conversation for that.
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    @RememberMe I was just messing with him man. We all know that xD
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    @RememberMe it was the continuation of my 911 call.
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