Around a year ago I launched my first site in rails.

Even though the site didn't took off, I learned from it, and it was an enjoyable experience.
Well, at least some of it.

As a web developer, I enjoyed doing the web development.

Then came hosting and deployment. Pretty stressful since I'm no sysadmin/devops person, but you could say it's still in the realm of software. So I managed.

But the one part I couldn't stomach is marketing.

Partly because I have zero experience and interest in the subject, and also because I don't to be an annoying marketing whore asking people to check my site.

I have never seen a bigger cesspool than the google results of the query "how to get people to know my site".

I have seen the shadiest shit, I have read of people saying you should befriend subreddits mods/admins and then ask them the favour to let you post your stuff.

I know that contacts are important, but taking advantage to get traffic on your product? No thanks, I'll rather have a dead site.

This was pretty much the experience when googling about marketing, unethical shit everywhere.

In fact, even calling it marketing makes me feel kinda sick, but it's a thing and it's pretty much necessary to get people to know your site.

Anyhow, in a company, everyone does their role, but this is just a one man thing.

So the ideal thing would be if a marketing person (hopefully an ethical one) took care of that. How does one find one though?

I guess you either partner with one or you hire on.

The problem with partnering is that I don't know someone like that. Do people partner up with "strangers" on the internet?

I could hire too, but I'm not as affluent as being able to employ a single person for 50k a year. And I don't know how feasible it is to hire someone when your site has no revenue anyways.

Maybe there's some company that offers such servicwe? I dunno...

What are your thoughts on this?
I'll be thankful of any feedback.

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    I said the site didn't took off, but I meant it as I launched it and only 20 users or so joined.
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    In short: you can't.

    Most people in marketing are very much aware of how it actually is and how you need to play the game, business is normally a very dirty enterprise on itself, and finding ways to manipulate and network people into a brand is never the exception. In one way or another there is always something dirty, even on mom and pop shops etc.

    I applaud people that try and keep it legit, some compromise a lot for the sake of being legit all the way, they usually struggle a lot.

    In my opinion, the best way to go around is know exactly how shitty one is ok with being when entering such public spaces.

    And btw, the culprit of this is human nature itself.
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    @AleCx04 I agree to some extent.

    I didn't want to come off as an idealist though, I just want to be ethical within the realm of profitability.

    I'm not interested in squeezing every penny out of users or becoming a millionaire, but I don't think every type of ad based revenue is perverse.
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    @erandria you seemed more a downright honest and good person than an idealist man. I respect that a lot since I normally feel that I am surrounded by cutthroats.

    I have similar ideals to yours in regards to business. I am willing to commit without fucking other people over.
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