There is so much wrong with that code...

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    this... hurts
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    i guess they really need help
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    That's the weirdest char I've seen
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    I heard some multi threading issues in a software of a chemo radiation medical equipment killed lot of cancer patients during chemo process. To me that is dangerous than a parked car catching fire.
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    That is perfectly valid C++ code. Consider the following:

    template <char... Cs>
    struct String {
    static constexpr char Function() {
    return 'C';
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    @kraator it is also a retarded piece of code :D kudos for making it work though
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    @SlyCoopers enjoy my up vote sir. I don't hand those out lightly.
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    It's so beautifully bad
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    @kraator wow you just opened my eyes and taught me variadic templates
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    JUST WHY?!
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    When you define a variable of type A as type B because you're retarded
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    It is not retarded, it is an advanced template technique using variadics to deal with compile time strings. Useful when you care about performance
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