What do you guys do when you can't get motivated to code and feel sluggish?

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    Read devRant.
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    Sleep for hours
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    I don't code on that day 😂
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    I'll just do something I actually enjoy, relax a little.
    But sometimes I really need to work even though I don't feel like it, so I'll just reward myself with some whiskey and a steak after I'm done :)
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    I find my coding motivation peaks and ebbs through out the day.

    When it ebbs I usually take a 10 minute break and read something. Or I switch projects and do 10 mins on a fun side project. I am pretty strict about the 10 min thing and jump back into the main thing whether I wrote 10 lines or 2 lines...
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    @bigus-dickus line for line would be the perfect software development model.
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    Take a break and Devrant / read a programming book or answer Stackoverflow questions I guess.
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