Why is Jetbrains Rider trying to correct my spelling of words in comments?

Why does an IDE have a spell check feature?

It's not even right - "teleportation" is spelled correctly

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    You can disable it if you want, but I love the feature. Way easier to correct other peoples shitty spelling.
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    I'm intrigued what you are coding to use teleportation
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    @Robinha Just a small Unity 5 game for school
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    @Codex404 I'll probably just disable it since I'm (mostly) confident in my own spelling skills, but I can see how it's useful now. I initially thought it was strange to have in an IDE. Thanks!
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    I've actually found spellchecks very useful in coding. Helps you find naming typos before your mistyped class is used in a billion places and can't be renamed
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