At what point can I claim to not be a script kiddie anymore?

Like, I've built compilers, and interpreters for an excel-like syntax, I refactored a pdf-parsing library from the ground up. I managed databases and wrote protocols for communicating with hardware.

But most of my experience is with python / nodejs / golang. It is only recently that I started playing with C and rust for actual efficient system code.

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    If you've done all of that I don't think you're a script kiddie anymore tbh
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    Any one of the things you listed would be enough to qualify you as a real programmer even without the rest.
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    Heck, a "script kiddie" is actually someone who entirely uses other people's scripts rather than writing their own.
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    @EmberQuill I thought it was a person who uses high level languages and only kinda knows what they are doing. I literally got into an argument with someone over this D:
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    @EmberQuill * cries in node_modules *
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    @python3 define built? Ordinarily I'd say if you had to ask a question like that your probably not quite at the tipping point whether were talkin script kiddie, part changer, steering wheel holder or any other term to describe a rook. But then you used the terms like built and wrote and thats not some a kiddie is given credit for. Copied in an exercise maybe 🤔
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    When you start hating scripting languages
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    As soon as you've entirely written the code of a tool you've used.
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    @FuckJava I can agree with that statement. We're still too busy over here hating css. And there are some days a barely dare to call myself a script-fetus 🙄
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    script kiddie? I’m a script MAN
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    @M1sf3t I thought the same too. The question is telling
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