Some non-IT people wrote a crappy software tool. Others have started using it for business critical processes.

Asshats: "People are starting to use our tool and that means it's production ready!"

Me: "If and when this breaks are they going to call you to fix it?"

Asshats: "Well it's really just a proof of concept."

They want the glory but not the work that goes with it. And they dont want anyone else to develop it. They have been a huge pain for me lately.

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    Push to prod and watch the world burn!

    And if they ask why the database is empty, just tell them to go to the creators of that softwate
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    @alexbrooklyn The main problem is they have other work (and much higher priority at that) and if the tool breaks they have no responsibility to actually make sure it gets fixed.
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    redo it better but keep some features as an excuse. Praise the creator what a genius he was with this functionality. But as he has admitted himself it only was a proof of concept so you thought you would do him a favor and improve the tool.
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    @heyheni Yeah this is what we are pushing for. Have them turn it over to someone (probably wont be me) who's fucking job is to productionize it and support it.
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    That's the reason why IT departments in bigger corporations crack down on shadow IT.
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    @Fast-Nop Yeah we are trying to crack down on it and this is kind of the last straw. Part of the problem is that we only now have enough local IT personnel to fight it.
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