Do people really realise that developers have become the back bone of society and alot of things will go south if they were to leave
But noooo they choose to call them the weirdos 😢

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    Go through a day and count the people you encounter who actually think. That should explain quite a few things.
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    they won't come south, I assure you. There's nothing fucking here for them to do 🙄
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    Hey, don't lob us in with those muggle freaks. Be proud of your weirdness.
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    @RTRMS Well said. It's all like in the HP universe.
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    People usually don't call me weirdos... They just avoid speaking to me.
    : /
    **proudly sing "Minority" by Green Day**
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    You might want to have a reality check. The backbone of society are e. g. medical personnel, farmers, social service personnel, heck even garbage man. Without those you would have no medical care, nothing to eat, and the streets would be flooded with trash.

    Developing software is a luxury job.
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    @Alice Of course. No one would bother to develop if it was useless. Nonetheless calling developers "the backbone of society" is stretching that quite a lot.
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    @Makenshi at the very least we are a vertebrae
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    @RTRMS That depends on the kind of software you write. Are you developing medical software? Contributing to some OS? Or are you writing business CRUD applications? Maybe you just integrate software and adapt some CMS for your customer?

    So I disagree. Not every developer is doing something integral to society.
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    @Makenshi we might not be the backbone but if you think about the sheer impact force of our services and products disappearing from one day to another it would be one of the most catastrophic. Software is everywhere and supports almost every industry in the world in such an integrated manner that it would take decades to establish order and go back to older systems if it were to disappear tomorrow.
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    @Makenshi in that manner no single person would make a real difference globally. But if you speak about industry or a type of job, software developers are in the first 1-5% that could bring down the world as we know it if it were to be missing
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    @soulevans07 idk a tsunami or hurricane smacking it to your coast is catastrophic.

    Something happening to all the tech would be really bad sure, but mostly for the wealthy who will then in turn try to convince the rest of us its a catastrophe because now they have to pay us to work longer again.

    Granted that depends on the industry we're talking about but most farmers for instance are still using the same technology they were using 50 years ago.

    Might have to break the plunger out of electronic fuel stop, but tractors 10+ years old for instance, will crank and run without anything electrical attached to it period if you remember to stop it on a hill.
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    @M1sf3t Modern society is built on communication and transportation. Both of them heavily dependent on IT systems. Inport and export of goods would stop because the trading routes would be unusable because the lack of information. Some places would go without food because only local farms and factories would be reachable without telecommunication and internet. Because most of those arent prepared for the need of the locals the prices would skyrocket.
    Bank accounts would cease to exists, stock markets would stop, companies would go bankrupt. And the cherry on the cake would be the chaos that unfolds because we would be in the dark without information because probably only the millitary would have so low tech equipment which doesnt require software.

    So no, the wealthy wouldn't be the one to suffers the most. All of us would because there would be chaos and anarchy.
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    @Alice @soulevans07 ok so i was mostly being facetious but having lived through one of those catastrophic disasters I can tell you that poor folk have a knack for surviving in a crisis and most of them still cant afford "free" health care whether the technology is there in place or not.
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    @M1sf3t I know how bad natural disasters could be. But this would be on a whole different level because there would be nowhere to run away from it or to receive help from.
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    @soulevans07 oh you mean the federal aide that the politicians will kick out to their family and friends? or you mean that one water truck that everyone else is fighting over because not even remotely enough to go around?

    Nah maybe for the urban environments but when it gets that bad they just break down and finally make that stroll out to their country cousin's place who keeps a spare fishing pole and knows which water coming out of the ground is still safe to drink.

    At least they try to, occasionally the federal government sends armed guards in to barricade the bridge they need to get across to get there
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    Do developers realize not all developers create things useful for society, and being part of the trendiest job there are thousands of other developers to replace you whenever your company wants?

    devs are not de backbone of shit.
    Creators, innovators are and have always been the backbone.

    Dev is just another job, don't get your head full of air please.
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