3 time sheets: One for the company I work for, one for the parent company staffing us to clients, one for the client.
All three have to be handed in at different times, have different rules, are on different systems and have to fit hourwise.
A waste of hours per week.
And add an offshore team that checks all 3 to this.
Also once in a while they complain about something in it. (Audits, reviews,etc.) Forward to boss, he has to argue with them.
Waste of so much time.

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    Hate them with a passion. One of those processes designed to rip the soul out of a human being.
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    How I enjoy a salary sometimes.
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    Oh damn. We had this at with my first job, too. We had a login tool (intranet-hosted simple website and database), a task-tracking tool (also intranet-hosted spreadsheet like app that tracks your work), and a third one which was still the second one but in paper and pen form.

    I kid you not. We took the SAME data from the tracker tool and wrote it down onto a piece of paper that had spreadsheet lines printed on it.

    AND--get this--we submitted it to the SAME asshole who received the same report from the tracking tool.
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