First time in years that I've hugged my best friend. Felt weird and we got really confused looks from the others (class full of boys n shit), but we were so happy because we both got a really good grade on an important test!

Why isn't this a common things men do!? We should all hug more 🤗

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    Free Hug for everyone that ++'s!
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    Just kidding I'm a MAN and I don't do hugs
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    Too bad. WTF is wrong with people? It's just a hug, it's not like you're sucking his dick or anything.
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    People just don't understand that there are different kinds of hugs.
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    Good old fist fight is more acceptable than hugging. Why you guys just couldn't punch each other?
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    Men who will not hug other men are not confident enough in their own masculinity to see a hug for what it is: an enthusiastic celebration.
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    @bahua At least that kind of hug, yes.
    There are other kinds of hugs, too

    And most people seem to think of that much more romantic type of hug for some reason.
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    Here's the diff between friends hugging and a couple hugging:

    - Friends: Well, you basically hold each other.
    - Couple: Much closer than friends, there's more touching and caressing involved.

    I don't know how (((mostly salty incels))) can't see the difference.
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    @irene yes homo 🏳️‍🌈
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    @irene rip in F, mission
    *reports back to my boyfriend*
    We failed. We couldnt get irene...
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    Meh this is cultural. The usual when I see a good friend (both male and female) is a kiss on each cheek.
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    @Fradow Cultural indeed, in southern Europe kiss on cheeks between men is common I understand. In north Europe you've better not to even think about that. But then... the northern countries are more liberal and not so homo phobic...
    One could suppose it'd be vice versa.
    I am confused.
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    feeling emo right now and wishing i was your friend :'(
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