It's 1:15 am here in my country and I need to finish this to the university for today 😂😂😂 I wanna sleep

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    I would be careful using variables in for loop's ending condition. If "siguienteroute.size()" could occasionally return eg max unsigned integer then you would have an occasional never ending loop.
    I've seen those in production
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    @tervavau What else would you do?
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    The only thing funny here to me is that we are forced to code in swing too
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    What's up with the class name starting with a lowercase letter?
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    @12bitfloat yeah. See that kinda funny
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    I'm not dreaming, something not written in english..
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    Welcome to the struggle, been doing that for the whole semester.

    Sleeping is for the weak.
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    Rookie numbers! Try 48 hours straight no sleep! Gotta pump those numbers up!

    P.S. I'm a sloth myself
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    Eww Swing
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    Get on my level, I was regularly doing my programming assignments at 4AM
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    Is it weird that this makes me wanna give all my future variables Spanish names?
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