I regret learning so much.
Now I understand why professors are so sad.
Having good understanding of the universe and everything is just depressing.
If you want to be happy dont pursue science. Ever.

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    Second semester university.
    Electronic and computer enginieering in english.

    Does the education level even matter? I have learned much more myself anyway.
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    But science!
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    @Gregozor2121 She didn't say that because of the level of education but because of the time you spent on this planet.

    That being said, it might seem that way sometimes, but it gets better once you realised that the universe is neutral. Things aren't trying to fuck you over nor help you, they just are.
    I do personally think that understanding science in general helps a lot in life. From physics phenomenons to chemical reactions, it's always better to know what might happen.

    PS: Despite what you might think, you're still very young. You'll see soon enough that even if you spent your entire life learning, you'd never have enough time to know everything.
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    @Gregozor2121 That's interesting. I'm curious. Why do you find it depressing? It's quite exhilarating to me, especially learning fundamental stuff.
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    Wait until you know enough about science to understand which kinds of questions it can even ask meaningfully, and which ones it can't.

    The issue is that it probably takes a lifetime to understand life.
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    Ignorance is a bliss...

    That applies to life as well. If you start thinking too much, you can lose self.

    And age doesn't have much to do with it. Some people had it bad since early years. Life experience doesn't change anything when one's got an existential crisis.

    I've spent half my live with depression (evolved into anxiety/panic disorder with executive dysfunction) and I'm in my freaking 20s...
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    Smart people dont need to publicly announce their smartness
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    @NoMad you are asking me to abandon the very essence of my being
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    @NoMad It's interesting how @ganjaman was nicer with his old handle. Might have been because he didn't know "the place"!
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    I don‘t see how 2 semesters of engineering could put someone in a state you are describing, let alone that I don‘t see how knowledge about physics can do that anyway. I guess that‘s just you recursively overthinking stuff.
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    @possum You know little of people who are depressed. Some people were depressed before uni and uni just made them realise it and sink even lower.

    E.g. If someone has been pushed to do things, their hobbies killed "for their own good" (e.g. toxic family, controlling parents), one may realise then (at uni, after living some time on their own) that they just do things because they do things. That they have no dreams.
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    @haze This is not at all the point of this discussion, but thanks for the stupid allegations anyway.
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    @possum So far it was "2 semesters at uni can't make you depressed" and "you don't know life yet".
    I already said that ignorance is a bliss and all that.
    Yet you're still at "2 semesters at uni can't make you depressed", pointing out only time, not the things that may have happened then.

    Rates of depression and suicidal thoughts are higher for people in STEM than for general population. That's a fact.
    If you don't trust people explaining *how* it can happen, trust statistics that it *does* happen a lot.
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    @haze You're inventing part of the quotes and misunderstand me on purpose, I don't see why I should put anymore time in talking to you.
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    Yeah, quotes that are not here...

    "I'm at 2nd semester. But does education level matter?" - "I'll quote Ygritte: you know nothing"

    And Possum's "I doubt 2 semesters would do that" is just above my comment.

    Yes, I'm rephrasing, not quoting, because I'm on the go and doesn't want to spend much time copying and formatting others' comments. But tell me again how your condenscence isn't there and doesn't say that. :eyeroll:
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    And you know you can block me, right?
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    Top 11 highest suicide rate jobs: https://mentalhealthdaily.com/2015/...

    6/11 of them are stem fields, considering the ratio of stem:other fields in universities, this is about balanced, only proving that jobs requiring higher education are stressing (how surprising huh)
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    @Jilano what the fuck is "the place" you wanna get hit in the face huh?
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    Universe is nothing compared to multi universe.
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    > Smart people dont need to publicly

    > announce their smartness

    <-- 200 IQ.
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    > the universe is neutral.

    > Things aren't trying to fuck you

    Oh but they are !

    Lets call it the natural order of things, evolution, natural selection, mother Earth, the force of nature.

    Everything wants to eat something, out compete for food source, energy.

    Which means, everyone is against you in some fashion, and everything wants to bite you, eat you, poison you, lay their eggs in you, etc.

    It's just the way it is.

    Little rocks become big rocks, become planets, and then erosion turns them back into little rocks again..

    Better to be ready for shit, than not to expect shit to happen I find !
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    > Without all the struggles, life is boring.

    Oh I dunno, I would sure enjoy some boredom instead of endless struggling.

    It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't so damn lonely here !

    It's almost like living on a desert island..
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    On the plus side, maybe if you learn enough, you can use that knowledge to improve your life and others.
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    Well, I feel like science is the only thing interesting in life so... it's subjective.
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    I find human behaviour interesting, trying to understand the rules behind it and being able to predict what people are likely to do next is useful.
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    @Nanos https://youtube.com/watch/...

    but it's actually also the social stuff that can make you misanthropic - at some point I think you even need to become some kind of cynic to still uphold your ideals.
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    @rutee07 I got a quote for you:
    "The purpose of life is not to be happy.
    It is to be useful, to be honorable,
    to be compassionate,
    to have it make some difference
    that you have lived and lived well.
    - Ralph Waldo Emerson"
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    - There's almost certainly no omnicient, just and powerful God.

    - Life is always on a knife's edge. There's just too many ways we could destroy ourselves in a few moments. What's worse is that we humans seem to be keen on bringing it about.

    -Your life could get royally fucked if you get some kind of a chronic/genetic illness that is untreatable and causes a lot of pain and suffering to you or the ones around you by making you completely dependent on them for the most mundane tasks you take for granted right now.

    -Most people don't end up becoming the next Steve Jobs even though they might look forward to it and live pretty insignificant lives till time forgets them after they turn into dust.
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    I hope everybody there will read this.

    1. I know that i dont know everything, knowing everything is impossible.
    2. You dont have to know much in order to know how universe works.
    You only have to know that science can explain everything, how machines, space objects and humans work.
    3. Pair that with the fact that entrophy is everywhere can causes countries, cities, stars to dissolve...
    4. And that the humans are just machines following simple patterns where the most important one is to replicate DNA and memes. Groups of people follow similar trends, behave similary but everyone is different due to random effects of the universe.
    There go humanity and universe explained in one comment.
    5. Gatekeeping depression? I was worried that people will call me a crybaby, a trendy bitch. But after years of slow decline lazyness became a bit more severe where i dont have the energy to even make myself food everyday and do anything that a normal human need to do to decently live.
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    And what is the worse thing about it? That from my estimates i will get booted from the uni in the state where i cant do anything and nobody can help me, because they dont care or are too stupid. My fate is nearly sealed, there is a chance that i will recover but the bigger the change required the smaller the chance.
    Natural selection will again win. Even if i was more inteligent (i dont think im), being suseptible to depression will cause my genes and memes to dissapear in the entrophy. Maybe other people in the future will succeed.
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    @Gregozor2121 if science can explain everything, then explain scientifically why you're unhappy with that. And see whether it that changes something. If not, think about that.
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    I have realised what factors caused my condition but i cant influence my unconcious side of the brain to stop worring, being scared, at random intervals.
    One of the solutions can be to go to the therapist but there is some illogical in me doubt that they could help me.
    I feel like my brain is fighting with itself. If i could only overpower it with my logical side i wouldnt have that condition but i think i would be a machine as well.
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    I found most therapists not very useful, as they don't tell you what to do !

    They only listen..

    And try to help you to figure out the answer yourself.

    If I knew the bloody answer, I wouldn't need help !

    Things improved a lot once I found a therapist who could just give me their best advice on solutions to my problems.

    That worked great and vastly improved my life.
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    I feel like my brain is fighting with itself. If i could only overpower it with my logical side i wouldnt have that condition


    FX [ Nods in agreement. ]
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    People on stages always have bigger influence than random people on the internet. If that ted talk inspired you then great, you are a human being that will succeed in that world. I have watched that ted talk just now. It didnt impress me. If i were in a different state then yes it would. Because I still remember when i was a human being capable of enjoying life fully.
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    I like random people on the internet, sometimes you make a friend for life.

    Well, until one of you dies that is !
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    In spite of me being in that shitty condition im still trying on improving my situation. I know what i have to do in order to improve, i have thought that im able to acheve that but i was mistaken. Through years i have failed again and again after those experiences i realised that i didnt need to improve much to get out of that but still i even couldnt manage that.

    That small idea, need of getting out of that situation is the only human thing that i have retained.
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    I suspect that when we fail, we have an inbuilt self-destruct system that kicks in.

    But some of the worlds successful people are those who have repeated failed and kept trying.

    Did their self-destruct system not kick in, or is there some way to de-activate it perhaps ?

    If it exists that is..

    Maybe it gets more difficult as we age, perhaps when we are young our logical mind is the greater mind with more control over our other self.

    Perhaps our life experiences help that other mind to develop and it grows, wanting more of what it likes.

    Perhaps if we only ever lived in a bubble, we'd never suffer from a lot of these bad things.

    But once past the bubble phase, solutions ?

    Train our logical mind up more perhaps ?

    Maybe really good programmers aren't fat ?
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    As i said, from my predictions i will perish. I will be purged as a failed experiment of nature. What will happen in the long run cant be predicted with good accuracity. On every step there is a chance of mutation, change. Maybe for good...
    Maybe i just need a good change... Maybe i just need time.

    About the self destruct:
    People have those to prevent illnesses from spreading, just like a collective immune systems. They might not only work for pathogens but for negative memes to keep them from spreading in the population. This is one of possible hypothesis. I just thought of that.
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    Makes me think that some negative memes are allowed to spread to help with population control, aka reduction.

    Maybe allow isn't the right word.

    But I notice in the animal kingdom that when a population rises, it tends to reach a peak and then fall due to lack of resources.

    After a long long time, the organism adjusts to its niche and you see less extremes of population number shifts.

    Humans I ponder are in a rapid increases, decrease cycle here and there across the globe.

    Did I really choose to have a vasectomy, or was it my instinct telling me to stop reproduction because I've some faulty genes someplace..

    Or maybe, being too smart isn't good for long term survival..

    Or maybe, being super smart is, but not in-between..

    Maybe AI can take that leap that we cannot.

    Perhaps that is why Dolphins are only so bright..
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    And why trees are fairly stupid..

    They don't need to be smarter to survive..
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    @ganjaman "Yes". But you can't because @NoMad will protect me.
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    Read about CBT - cognitive-behavioural therapy.
    It helps the bad part of the brain shut up (methods to ignore it, distract it etc) and rationalise thoughts.
    Doesn't help with the root of the problem but helps avoiding vicious cycle of thoughts that make you sink.

    I cannot offer much other help because I'm no specialist, only someone in similar situation. Unless you just want to talk about stuff - that's one thing I can help with.
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    I tried CBT, but they removed me from the group because I was disruptive with reality..

    I said things like "If I go out, people will beat me up, so I don't go out.."

    I tried the going out thing, I would get beaten up..

    One day one member of staff saw me getting beaten up, so they took me off the therapy as it was obviously not helping !

    One day going to the shops, I got beaten up 3 times !

    I still made it there, all covered in caked on blood.

    Now, much happier living on a small island in the middle of nowhere, where if you do go to the shops, you are lucky to see anyone else even behind the counter !

    But it does make it difficult to find friends..

    I found a lot of people though who had fears of things, they was actually realistic fears based on their experiences.

    As such, I see such therapy of limited value, and only of benefit to some people, who have developed unreasonable fears.
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    @Nanos yes everything tries to fuck you ...but it's not personal. As Al Pacino said in the GodFather explaining how he needs to kill 2 persons:

    "It's not personal Sonny, it's strictly business"
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    @Gregozor2121 yes, and from my point of view happiness is the ability to forget all that for a moment and enjoy nevertheless. Hide away from learning could be a short term strategy to happiness and could work.
    People that choose a learning path, it's because they enjoy learning even if what they learn could be sad.
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    @ITWT - That chart will become legendary. lol
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