!dev rant about social media 🀑 s like this one.

I hate when people seek for a reason to bitch on social media. This tweet for example.

1) I went to a small high school (small compared to a lot) and we still had a personal management class and this was covered.
2) Who the fuck uses checks still.
3) It's addition and subtraction, not brain surgery.
4) if you actually cared, Google it. There's a shit ton of information on balancing a check book out there.
5) You're probably in debt due to a shitty lifestyle combined with terrible money management, but keep playing victim. It's never your fault.

But of course she doesn't care. It's another case of someone wanting a reason to bitch and moan on social media. Get a hobby you clown.

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    There's a simple reason why she's in debt: because she spends more than she makes. The solution is making more money, e.g. by doing a useful job, or spending less money on useless shit. D'oh.
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    @Fast-Nop yep.

    But in today's society, it's easier to blame irrelevant things that have no correlation to your problem than it is to actually acknowledge it's your fault that you're in the crappy situation you're in.
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    Debt usually starts because of studies.

    Just saying.

    Also, you re bitching about bitching :)
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    Restricting learning to school/work hours is their own fault.
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    @Santaclauze Not entirely but sure.

    And debt from studying is only a problem if you suck at applying what you learn or if you suck at picking pragmatic degrees. Aka user's fault.

    But this is not going to be a debate about if uni is useful or not, as it's been had many times and it's best to just let people have their opinion and that be that.

    And so I guess this is meta-bitching, huh? πŸ˜‚
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    Well my wife still owes for her studies. But thats because we went overseas for my career in a start up and we have 2 kids.

    If you are a single person sure debt is easier to repay.

    Cant generalise coz context is often as important.

    And yeah meta bitching makes it sound a lot cooler ;)
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    @Santaclauze If I ever come across your name on a post about if uni is useful or not, I'll give my two cents on the subject lmao.

    Can't do it here because this is a post about people making issues for the sake of getting pointless attention on social media, not a debate about if uni is useful πŸ˜‚

    Too bad I can't edit the post to add "meta-bitching" to it.
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    @Santaclauze don't be braindead, there's ton of cases in which something is valid even when it's self referencing

    like murdering a murderer

    op isn't bitching about bitching in itself, he's bitching about braindead ignorant idiot who can't do simple logic
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    @Stuxnet trash on these twitter trash philosophers all you want, they deserve all of that and more
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    To her defense though, it is VERY rare (at least here in Sweden) that schools teach you how to pay bills, manage your money and so on. But "you can find everything on the internet". Yeah, why are we going to school in the first place then? I feel like school should stop teaching you about how cells duplicate in your body and start teaching useful stuff like how to write a proper personal letter and CV.
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    @olback I had two classes that covered the subject of how to make a CV. There were also classes that covered some other life skills (can't remember the name of the class.)

    There's a lot offered, even here in BFE. But I'd safely bet everything in my wallet that this is the same type of person who would take a class that taught you these "life skills" just to sit on their phone and whine whenever they have to do actual work.
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    @M1sf3t this rant isn't specifically this tweet alone.

    The rant is about ALL the tweets where people make things that aren't problems into a problem.

    There was another post where some bitchy basic girl was trying her best to make an issue out of getting pulled over by a cop, when he literally did everything. (At one part he says "you're free to go" and she says "aM i BeInG dEtAiNeD?")

    Guess I wasn't clear enough on the actual subject lol.
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    Incidentally, I had economy basics in my EE studies, like book balance and shit. When we asked the prof why we even had that course, he answered:

    "Because you will have to talk with MBAs in your job, and it's a lot easier to teach business administration to engineers than the other way around."
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    @M1sf3t well said
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    Ah yes the standard:
    "I know better and this person is full of shit" rant.

    Every side have cases where they are right. You didnt cover all the cases neither did she.There is a chance that you are doing that because she is a celebrity. Cant you just leave her alone? Is it realy worth your energy?
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    @Gregozor2121 Never heard of her before, so don't think "her being a celebrity" is the case here.

    But sure man. It's whatever, I don't fucking care at this point.
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    Are you kidding? You're bitching about people bitching? Why do you even follow her? Also, USA has a big debt problem, let's avoid making it seem like it's all about personal responsibility. And let's also avoid judging her by a tweet and a profile pic, lest you come off as slightly shallow, k?
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    @skqr nah.

    This platform is used for complaining, so I'mma complain.

    There's a downvote button you can use if you don't like it. It's pretty helpful for getting content you don't wanna see outta your feed. I use it sometimes.

    Have a nice night bud.
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    @olback at the same time, the reason why schools teach how cells replicate inside of your body is to see if some of the concepts inspire you to go for biology.

    I believe school is meant to expose us to subjects, that is (one way at leaat)how we discover our career path.
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    Bruh, how dare you complain about retards? I don't understand why one can't complain about retarded people making complaints
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    @AleCx04 should have known.

    Can't have an opinion anymore man. Forgot to turn it in at the internet police check point last week πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    πŸ€” "don't spend it all in one place" right? Or "don't spend it right away" or something between those two
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    @Fast-Nop Or just read Richest Man In Babylon.
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    I thought tweets/FB statuses like this were meant to be taken as a joke.. πŸ€” o.O
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    0+1 = ok.
    0-1 = trouble.
    That's kindergarten knowledge!
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    She could try porn for some extra bucks..
    I’d probably watch her..

    Or prostitution..
    I’d probably try her..

    Only other option I see is spending less on (assumption) shoes haircuts and make up..
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    Because of this, I don't use it
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