Why is everyone addicted to monthly salary these days? No one seems interested in how money is actually made and managed (e.g. by the company they work for).
It's as if people just don't want to be rich.

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    Usually employers keep employees in the dark about how money is made. Also some people are too sensitive and dont want to know that how much company is making on their backs since it would demotivate them in working. Also we are programmers and we live in our own world so we care only about our work. If you trully care about company margins then you should go to management.
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    Are you talking about those who work for free because a startup dude tricked you into believing his company will be the next facbook. But now you cant buy food or pay rent with your worthless unsellable stock options?
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    I get paid weekly on a salary, while having the flexibility to start when I like as long as I leave 8 hours later.
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    In Germany many companies have to publish their total income (but not the net income), so you can guess how much money is made.

    Edit: https://bundesanzeiger.de/ebanzwww/...
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    You're right. i don't want to be rich.

    i want to do my job configuring some stuff and programming other stuff and answering support tickets and then i'm clocking out for the day.

    when i clock out, what matters is that there's enough on my account to pay my bills, pay my mortgage and have some left over for fun, games and computer upgrades. doesn't matter how many zeroes there are, as long as there are numbers in front of them and my pension is coming along nicely on the side.

    What i don't get is why you somehow find this to be an issue. i'm always going to be worth more to my company than the salary they give me (my latest project is going to free up 10 times my salary in work hours EVERY YEAR), but i'll take that trade as long as it gives me peace of mind and secures my old age.

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    @cst1992 did you watch a video like this? "KEEP EM POOR" Where a Millionaire talks about how great he is and why the middleclass is screwed?

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    @heyheni Yes, I've watched that one. But it's not about them, it's about us. Do you really think "them" stopping us makes any difference?
    It doesn't.
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    I don't give a fuck becoming rich, having enough money to be relatively free to chose my missions, doing coding challenges and doing my personal projects as now is enough.
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    Mainly because a lot of companies don't want people working overtime, and besides being paid, sometimes the only way to get the job done is to work over. Thats hard to pull off on hourly, easy to pull off on salary.

    Plus with salary it's easier to decide your own schedule. I suffer from non-24, so I tend to sleep 15 minutes longer each day, and go to bed 15 minutes earlier (it varies between 15 and 45 minutes). Even cutting out caffeine, cutting out electronics, exercising appropriate sleep hygiene, doesn't make a difference.

    On salary I can factor around this problem, working with my current energy levels instead of against them and being exhausted.
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