Watching IT guy on the show "How to get away with murder" explain how to hack:

"It's not that complicated, really. You just download that app from the deep web and worm your way into the phone company's main frame using basic java code. Anyone can learn how to do that."

Thats how you do it! Thank me later.

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    No spoilers please, Im just at episode 4 😄
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    We joked at Walmart if anyone hacked [REDACTED] after they got out of jail we would hire them because not many know that stack.
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    You know, I understand that not every show can have Sam Esmail as its Director (director of Mr.Robot) but would it be asked too much, to portray tech-stuff just half as good as he does ?

    I mean, a few weeks ago, I watched an episode of Numb3rs and they wanted to tell me, that having a partition "hidden", that can only be found with " fdisk p",
    Would be some high level hacker kungfu bullshit.
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    "Mainframe" is one of these words you only hear from non-techies when they talk about tech. Weird.
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    Yes, download random apps from TOR and install them. That's what you do to become an epic h4ck3rm4n.
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    @nitwhiz the company I work for has a mainframe. An honest-to-God AIX monstrosity that everyone hates but we can't get rid of it because it is the center of a spider-web of dependencies and front-ends that would fall apart without it.
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    @M1sf3t I haven't seen much of Mr. Robot, but what I've seen pretty far seems fairly realistic. What he says sounds plausible, and the commands he types are actually doing what he says they do. Way better than any other "hacking TV show" I've ever seen before.

    The only other time I can remember seeing accurate Linux commands in the media was in Tron: Legacy, of all things.
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