Annoying Indian professors are everywhere. It's a computer vision class are you really teaching us Regression?

What about transfer learning? object detection! Give us papers to read, let's do projects.. what the hell is this I am going take attendance bullshit and teaching crappy concepts.

I did not sign up for this shit! I came here for my Masters to get away from pompous mother fuckers like you ...

My class is also filled with those idiots,who think bias in a neural network is somehow related to class imbalance ? Now the same idiot proceeds to ask questions like...

Why would the weights change in a neural network?
Motherfucker why you in this class ? Why don't you stick to your shit and ask these questions later..

I am so pissed off right now guys ...
I was sitting in my lab understanding the deeper insights of BN, activation fucntions.. various optimizers ..etc Stuff that this idiot motherfucking teacher must be covering... UGGH.

I shouldn't cuss so much.. or at least add variety to my cuss words..

I am pissed off cuz instead of learning the shit I should be learning I am forced to come and attend this class and waste 2 hrs of my life ...

It's the summer i find it hard to focus anyway (want to go out hiking or swimming or something.) BUT. the moment I find some resolve to focus

I get this fucking bullshit.. !

My mind is so fucked right now... I can't think of anything but standing up in class and screaming " Mother fucker, mother fucker...(point to the idiots in class you) motherfuckers shut the fuck up..

Can someone suggest some colorful swear words ?

My brains not working -_-

It is just about now that I start feeling like "Anger" from inside out

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    I can't even find a free charging point in this class ..

    Partly because this dimwitted hominid decides to use two boards !!

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    Too few cuss words for an angry rant.
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    @grumpyoldaf that's the thing !

    My mind has stopped working period xD
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    I share my wisdom with you young man.School is a fucking garbage.
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    Horn's book will give you an idea about the basic concepts. After that, you're better off learning from open source projects and online videos which is what I did.

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    I agree that regression is too basic for computer vision and that your batchmates are stupid.

    However, I don't get the point of mentioning that the professor is Indian. Looks likes someone is hating oneselves own country for a couple of ++
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    @gitlog The point is that most Indian professors are very far behind when it comes to technical subjects. Most of them are not even aware of the state of the art or some of them don't even know what the subject actually encompasses. They teach outdated techniques. But of course, this may not be true for some premier institites. But again, Indian is not made of premier institutes. They're a minority.
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    @gitlog And I don't think it was for ++ because there's a year gap between this rant and the previous. I don't believe someone who's not very actice would come back just for some ++.
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    @frozenDragon27 bomb the teacher 'politely' with your questions. Insist on covering the material presented in the syllabus.

    I feel your anger. Mirigate with some ++
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    Just want to clarify.. more often than not it is the Indian professors who care about petty things like attendance in the class and sticking to books.. Their teaching is rigid..and that is partly because barring the premiere institutions the standard of education in India can do loads better..

    Not everyone who criticizes India hates India. There is such a thing like "constructive criticism". Indians and India need to be open to that.. *cough cough* Moreover, you can be a patriot and still hate/ dislike parts of India

    I don't care about "++s" I wanted a safe space to rant. This includes not having the need to explain my motivations and background.. Also this is not an invitation for an argument on any of the areas discussed, so please let it go and leave it at that. :p
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    @-red thanks man appreciate it !
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    @frozenDragon27 sounds like the mantra of those who can’t do teach holds truer than ever unfortunately. It’s not always true of course, but almost nothing about people is.
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