All I did was asked a rookie question(because I am rookie) and this is what he had to say.

He could've just said no politely. But I guess his success is on his head.

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    What’s the context?
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    @devTea Asked him about something, he gave me an answer which didn't make sense so I said "Your answer doesn't make sense to me. Can you please explain it a bit more". And that's what happened.
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    đŸ¤”intrigued to know the question
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    @C0D4 Asked him about the project he worked on once and now I am working on
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    @mzfr a well-made project? Or a dumpster fire?
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    What does his last message even mean lol
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    @alexbrooklyn kinda okayish but at some point he has used weird logics that made me scratch my head
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    @electrineer i don't even know. I am kinda bad with slangs so i mostly google them and after he sent that i tried to google it thinking it might be slang but got nothing
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    @mzfr it's probably meant to mean "the best joke I've ever seen"

    But he's talking about a joke he has never seen.
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