I think I should start a startup which makes chairs in shopping centres for tired boyfriends/husbands.

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    @Alice I beg to differ. You won't know :P ask your SO.
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    @mangodb but they already have special places for men to go to while their women are shopping, they're called bars.
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    @Alice you just got mandenied and mansplained
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    @Alice @AleCx04 oh god 😂 you millennials and your fancy terms!

    I'm not sure where you live, but where I do, u always see a group of tired looking guys holding a bunch of clothes for their better halves, outside trial rooms :P
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    @AleCx04 mansplained and mandenied do go with my username mangodb :P :D
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    They’re those massage chairs you’re supposed to pay to sit in but we don’t.
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    Supermarkets should have a couple of chairs at the end of every isle too.

    People sometimes ask me, "Why are you sitting on the pavement, are you homeless?"..

    I would sit on a chair / bench, if any existed !

    Talking of which, they make an increasing number of seats now uncomfortable to sit on, in case homeless lay on them..

    Jeeves "I've solved the hospital waiting list problem Sir."

    Wooster "How did you do that then?"

    Jeeves "Why I just put these chairs out for everyone in the waiting room.."
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