Ads are no longer in green

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    Ew. Google. Ew.
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    In 2006 ads were highlighted in blue to distinguish them.
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    Google is an ad company. Making ads harder to distinguish from actual content helps their revenue. Tracking your behavior both on and offline after showing you an ad also helps their revenue.

    Google only exists to get paid for serving you ads. Though it has been getting increasingly political in the past decade, too.
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    @Root That tends to happen when a single company has more power than a small country.

    PS: I'm curious what will happen with the whole "ad blocking changes", and how the general population will react.
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    Okay this is typical asshole design. But most adds I get on Google are what I'm actually looking for so for the people using it isn't a problem.
    That being said I get the big issue with this. Bigger companies will claim all the searches, giving them more of a monopoly over time.
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    Ddg ftw
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