Should i use Axios in my Mean stack or just the node or angular's native http calls?

What are the pros and cons of each?

Am I just complicating myself? 🤪

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    I believe with angular the http module is the way to go with angular.

    I guess you'll have to compare the benefits and disadvantages of several tools on the backend to decide which one to use 🤔
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    I'm a Vue guy myself, i found axios is a great combination with it.

    but there is also a GOLDEN rule for me in JS, if a library is not absolutely necesary don't add it.
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    @alexbrooklyn is right. As a rule of thumb, if something exists within the framework, just use it.
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    @Commodore but I want to look cool. Hey look guys I'm so sophisticated I'm using a powerful premium Axios. Only few intelligent people use this. LOL kidding!

    Ok I will just use the default ones :)
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    Don't know what to comment. Just picked a random picture on my phone
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    @Devnergy so, you’re trying to let us know that - you know some girls? I’m not sure how this applies.
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    Use the framework. That’s what it’s for. Hundreds of really smart people made the decisions - for a reason. If you need to add in custom libraries... maybe it’s not the right framework for you. Also, fetch is native - so, why use axios(jQuery ajax) ?
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    @Devnergy you dirty dog :)

    anyway... it won't happen with axios but i had a related situation with some composer package, i think it was for some qr codes. So naive as i was i pulled the damn thing and in every fucking document was QR code dependant from that package, and in development phase it worked... Later on it was time for a migration, i did a "composer install" and the fucking idiot did not only abandoned the package, but completely deleted it... so there i was, few days before the deadline with a GIGANTIC bug thruought the whole damn project... so... the less dependencies the less possible problems
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    I am not sure if it was my mistake or axios bug, but 3 months ago, I couldn't get axios working with cors authentication header
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    @Konsole I've been using axios for ages and never encountered such behavior so i'ld blame you 😅
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