My first project was made with scratch (Java based drag-drop language for kids to learn) when I was like 10
I wanted to make something like mine craft but in 2D.
Its a huge plane of stone and you have to break some of them to find diamonds.
I didn't know lists or array exist. I made one variable for every freakin' stone and it took me a solid day back then.
Also if you break a stone, the background changes and it might happen that a diamond appears at a while you made 10 weeks earlier.
https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/... (it's German, don't be scared)

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    "Nudel fetischist"

    Noodle fetischist?
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    @HampusMa exactly.
    That happens when you share your work with friends.
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    @Tobnac lol. Could you translate it for me?
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    "this game is highly erotic. I love you and want you to have a child with me. Love me and your child and live with me on the canarian island. Peal bananas and cookies for me and save burning Guinea pigs from drowning. Greetings: Peter"
    He was a weird guy. And young. Weird young guy
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    @Tobnac lmao. Do you still know him?
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    @HampusMa not anymore. He became a stoner quite early and that's when we took different roads.
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