There is. My latest creation. A 8bit microcontroler made in minecraft.
(1.0 version without control room)
-8bit full adder + overflow flag
-8x8bit RAM
-16x8(4bit instruction, 4bit address)
program memory
-64 possible microinstructions (16 instructions with 4 step each)
-uncondintional and if oveflow jumps
(place determined using address written with instruction)
-1/3Hz clock speed 😨

New working version (2.0) has 1Hz clock and new faster instruction decoder.

In 3.0 in addition to that useless bus was replaced with 16x8bit "hardware" stack that can store adresses and data. The clock is going to be yeeted out because it is unnecesary #clocklessisbetter (WIP tho)

Might add more documentation and post it as learning model for CS wanabees 🤔. What do you think?

Picture: Old working version 1.0
(the only one with fancy diagram)
Newer version screenshots in comments.

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    Version 1.0 final

    The gray stone thing is a control room.
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    Version 2.0 final

    Bigger decoder =/= Slower decoder
    Cables just suck. Wireless redstone is superior.
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    Version 3.0 WIP
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    Stuff like this always makes me want to build larger redstone structures myself. But I fear to underestimate the amount of time needed.

    Good Job, very impressive. How long did you need for planning and building?
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    The unfinished version 1.0 from the first picture (rant pic) was finished in 1 day (not the whole day just like 1/2 of working day)
    The version 1.0 final was made on the second day and version 2.0 final was made the same day as well.
    I worked on 3.0 for few hours on the third day but i still have to implement clockless™ architecture in place of the old clock to make it faster.

    I already knew about cpu working principles before, basicly there was no plan i improvised everything. I didnt even study cpu's that much i recreated most stuff using logical thinking and a bit of knowlege from electronics. I only knew what a cpu needs and i have build it on the fly.
    It is not that hard.

    (I forgot to mention that i have watched few videos of Ben Eater on yt half a year ago most of my knowlege comes from him i think)

    The project remains frozen (because personal stuff) for over 2 weeks.

    Well that was only supposed to be a model that i will base my real thing 🤔
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    *tips fedora
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    Can it run crysis?
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    I can build a piston door...
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    That is amazing. Great job, @Gregozor2121
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    And then there's me...

    "Hur dee dur how does red stone work? Hur dee dur"
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    When i finish polishing version 2 and more important find my motivation back i will publish the save and the pack to public so everyone can learn how cpu's work!
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    Oooh, this is the kind of shit that turns me on. Building redstone contraptions was my life when I was a kid. Never was any good at building logic units though. Wish I knew how...
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    Wow. And this can do real calculations?

    If so show this to Vice Motherboard. They love to write about such stuff.
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    (don't mind me, I'm just a pin that comes from a desktop application that doesn't have pin emoji.. waiting to see the link to the sauce code, please @mention me when it goes public)
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    @Condor Don't get excited, it's only me. I wanted to give you this 📌📍📍📎 for future use.
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    Are you using Redpower or something like that? Or just RF transceivers? (or whatever the mod's called)
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    Red power is abandoned since 1.2.5

    MC version is 1.12.2
    I use chicken bones jei, wireless redstone, chunk loader and project red for gates (project red reboot by somebody else)
    In addition to that i use world edit, it was VERY USEFUL to make components offsite and move them in their final place without the need for rebuilding them. That is why i managed to build it so quickly
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    @Gregozor2121 Oooh, right, they renamed it to Project Red! World Edit still exists as SP mod?
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    @Jilano thanks mate! 📍😄
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    Im telling you: red power is dead and project red is a spinoff basicly the same but by different author.
    Yes there is a world edit mod. No plugins needed. Everything was made on singleplayer flat creative world.
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    @Gregozor2121 Hmm, okay :) I need to get up to date 😉
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    Thanks man. You genuinely did something.

    May I ask you to get in touch with me?
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    What is the problem?
    You can always ask me there. I will see it on mentions.
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    My most complicated program counts from 0 to 255 and stops when the alu overflows.

    Are you serious? I dont think Motherboard would like to see it...
    I would like some "exposure" and it might be even helpful but i dont think they are going to be interested. There are 100's of similar microcontrolers on the web.
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    You can't really call that a microcontroller.
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    @Gregozor2121 you should host a server so all of us here in dR can contribute to your architecture
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    I have only my lap. And severs cost money...

    I think it might be a bad idea because:
    -people will of course make a huge mess and propably wont cooperate.
    -It already has performance issiues. So if we make it even bigger it will become horrendusly slow.
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    @Gregozor2121 I think IMHO we can ask people here who want to help you with that, I mean, collaboration is a good way to improve stuff
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    @Gregozor2121 @caramelCase iirc @Linux has a Minecraft server, maybe that one could be used? 🙂
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    // TODO: Implement the JVM on Minecraft and run Minecraft in it.
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    inb4 RISC in MC
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    @Gregozor2121 cause it's huge!
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    i really like the design of your microcontroller, I'm keen to see how your control unit works, I might see if it will work with a more powerful alu, here is a photo of the alu i designed that i think would work better in a setup like yours
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