Job Interview for System Administrator

"Do you habe Experience With Servers?"

"Yes, Minecraft Servers, I own one..."

I didn't get the job

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    To be fair, hosting custom modded minecraft servers can get pretty intense, sysadmin-wise.
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    I actually aggree.

    OP, the interviewers did not really understand
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    I have a private Bukkit server that I use when I want to have some fun in Java. It's very cool and teaches some server-side principles too!
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    @AlgoRythm I think gameservers like bukkit are actually the primary method we're getting skilled new sysadmins — and companies should actively look in that corner for juniors to train further.

    Games have always been a powerful motivator to learn about servers, network architecture, scripting, ACL, cron jobs, etc. Once you have your own minecraft server, you want a website with a control panel, you need to log in over ssh, maybe even write mods yourself.

    It's a shame that less and less games have self-hostable servers, because it's an important entry point for tech employees.
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    @bittersweet I went backwards. I learned server side stuff from node and socket.io then went to Bukkit. I totally agree with what you're saying, experience is experience, and games are a fantastic motivator.
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    What, if I was the interviewer I'd give you the job + the salary of all Bill Gates's assets
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    I would hire you OP
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    Hire me please.
    I work at a datacenter here in Sweden, we could do business ^^
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    I am not
    I am srs
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    I want to do self-hostable servers. Though, I'm not sure how exactly that works, or if that will be the best course of action.

    Since I introduced modding, this would probably be best.
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    The alternative would be for me to have an MMO-style online community. With everyone within the same global region on the same server.
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    @sslPoodle I have a very small budget ATM, and this game is donation-ware.

    Also, I fully intend (and already do, using a Modding API) to support mods.

    At the same time, I really want massive MMO-style servers with tons of players commiting PVP.

    I guess I could always do both (sort of..) and let players make their own servers that they can mod and play with friends, and then have a few Official Dedicated servers.
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    When is soon? ;)
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