Fuck printers, stupidass machines never working when you actually need them and are in a hurry. Fucking cunts made them ink cartridges fucking more expensive than gold too. Costs of production of as well printer as cartridges are nearby fucking zero, get a fucking grip on yourselfs cunts. Jesus fucking Christ.

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    Buy tank system printer (EPSON/Brother)
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    +1 for the C word.
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    Everyone always says that printers never work when you need them, but to be fair, I think "when you need them" is unnecessary.
    They're not quantum objects that both work and not work when you don't need them.
    They just suck all the time, but that only shows when they're needed 🙃
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    I've heard that inkjets are a scam and one should buy laser printers instead. Ink is better for printing images, though.
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