Decided on Acer Swift 3. Will be getting it soon. 14", i5-8250U, Nvidia MX150 2GB, 4GB DDR4, SSD 256GB. Added another 4GB. Final at $642.

Frankly speaking I am more of an ASUS fan. My potato used to be an apple in good old days and lasting for almost a decade is something I am very proud of it. I will still be using it as a backup PC at my home.

First ever laptop was an Acer and it was ok but didn't have fond memories since it didn't even last for 4 years 😐 Hope Acer has improved their quality in this 9/10 years time. 🤞

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    Sounds like a good deal, I don’t know about that VGA performance tho
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    I have had an Acer Aspire V for about six years. It has an AMD quad core A10 APU 3.5Ghz and I just swapped out the HDD for an SDD and added six more GB of RAM. It has a Radeon 8750M discreet card, along with the onchip 5757M. In spite of it's age, it boots Win 10 Home 64 in like fifteen seconds from a cold start. I've actually played Skyrim on it in desperation when my desktop was down. I'm an Acer fan because of that, and my Acer One netbook runs pretty sweet too. I put CentOS on it. That one is about to get an SSD. They are great products in my experience.
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    Beprepare for black screen after os is updated
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    I recently got an Acer Swift 1
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