Hey devRanters do you know any free and simple Kanban Board Desktop mac apps? I don't want a saas service and i can't use the apple app store.

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    Some Trello client maybe?
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    Self hosted GitLab, from memory it contains the projects and boards.
    Might kill two birds with one stone depending one what your using the boards for.
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    i'm using it as a small todo list replacement, so it has to be dead simple :)
    for the last week i've been using Kanbanion, which is more like a programming excerise from someone but it doesn't save anything so I'm looking for something else. https://github.com/nmaggioni/...
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    Wunderlist is pretty good too.
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    clickup is pretty cool, its rather involved though, you'll have a layer or two left over unless you have a really complicated work flow, but it integrates with almost everything.

    Runs on desktop or the browser but it's going to prefer you to be connected to the internet either way. Can't remember if it'll work on its on and update everything as soon as you get a connection or not. Its been a few months since I was needing it.
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    Go to alternativeto.net, search for trello, filter for self hosted or open source.

    There is stuff you can install in a small vps or even shared hosting.
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    I use Zenkit. Alternative to Trello. Has apps for all platforms and mobile. They have a paid tier but I’ve never needed it, your projects are private by default.
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    gitkraken glo
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