My grandpa just gave me 100$ for fixing his TV:

-And here is you paycheck son...
-What? Noo, it was literally 2 minutes factory reset, I don't need this :D
-Oh come on. I'm not paying you because you because you pressed some buttons. I pay you, because you exactly knew which buttons to press. Now, take it!

Truly, the man of honor...

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    Why doesn't everyone think like that?
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    You get paid according to the value you create, not according to the effort you put in.

    (Of course this does not take a lot of factors into account like consumer surplus but whatever, not an economics forum)
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    Bless his wholesome heart
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    This makes me wonder how many hours he may have spent trying to make it works!!! jajajajaj after hours of burden and being rescue in 2 minutes xD!!!
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    Good on your grandpa.

    I once hat the opposite experience. An elderly neighbor had somehow broken her windows.

    Of course, also some passwords had been lost and stuff, in the end, I had to reinstall.

    She made it also super-urgent, like "I have to reply my doctor by tomorrow evening" and stuff.

    So I spent half the night fixing everything up, making sure everything was running as known, with old data preserved and what have you.

    When I returned here laptop the next day, she was like "Here's 20 bucks, but don't spend it all at once!"...
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    @mksana "broken her windows". I was like: "why would anyone deliberately break their windows?".
    Then I realized what windows you where referring to 🙈
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    @RememberMe Entire communist labor theory debunked in nothing more than two sentences.
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    Reminds me of the time I went to some random guy my mother promised I would visit to fix his computer, and I only looked sat there and they could not reproduce the problem. Still got paid 50 euros even though I did not ask for anything.
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    @mksana at least you got something in return ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
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    @TheLastGimbus he sounds like a great guy and that's a great view on the situation. The same happened with my gran. I'd travel for 3 each way to press a few buttons.

    I remember going to my CTO with the limits of a service he wanted me to use and his reply was "we get paid to *know* how to get around those limits". Knowledge is power and knowledge makes money.
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    Wholesome <3
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