How much will you ask for a windows form app that is for students and is completely functional for a restaurant if i only expend like 10 hours in the developing?

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    You want an app that works for students and restaurants and does what? And you want to develop it yourself? And get paid? 🤔
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    the time you spent in doing it doesn't matter.
    The fact that could be basic or easy, doesn't matter.

    What matters is how much is the customer willing to pay for it.

    That's something you must understand yourself.
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    Just for clarification: You want to sell your self made app to students, right?

    I can only agree to what @deviloper said: How much work you put into, doesn't matter. How much the target group is willing to pay, is the matter here. I'd probably approach some of the students how much they'd pay - if they would pay at all.
    Unfortunately (for you, a customer probably sees it differently) the willingness to pay for software has sunk dramatically in the last 10 years and please don't forget your target group are student, usually short with money.

    P.S.: Welcome to devRant!
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    3 simple questions:
    - who's paying
    - what's it worth to them
    - do you need to support it later

    If you can answer all that, then you should be able to derive a figure.
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    @sbiewald I read that the other way, the students use it but the restaurant is paying for it.

    I attempted to a similar project for a bar and grill last year, but between them blowing the grand opening and the owner not really giving us any sort of inclination that he expected to pay a reasonable amount, I put it off for other jobs and it was never completed.
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    Standard hourly wage + 25% mental health compensation for using winforms
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    @inaba wait i didn't catch the windows form part, this I'm assuming about as bad google's version?
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    @M1sf3t Dunno about whatever googles version is, but our school forced our class to do one of our examn projects in winforms. This was about a year or so ago and I'm still having nightmares
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    @inaba google's improved a little bit once they got sites going but it was a pita before that. And you still have to like what sites has available to build with, otherwise your back in the same boat.
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    @M1sf3t googles what?
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    @inaba its their web-builder, annoyingly well-designed for google it would seem, but that being said it was still somewhat limited.

    It's been a couple of months since I looked at it, not sure when it came out. I only found it because I was helping a friend buy a domain for her salon.
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    @M1sf3t winforms is a GUI library for .NET😅
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    @mindev I'm so lost, is that even what the Op is talking about then?

    I was thinking he/she (i hate it when they make questions their first post) just wanted a remote reservation/ordering app.
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    @M1sf3t no, its a project of a subject it's just for students
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    @M1sf3t i've done it already, i justo want to know if the ammount of money that i asked them is fair enought
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    About two fiddy
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