What are some good UI templates for Semantic UI? Want to give my web-app a professional look without writing too much CSS...

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    What happened to your other post about this?

    I too was looking for Semantic or Bulma templates months ago, no luck. I was expecting somebody recommended you something, but nothing... Let's just go back to Bootstrap, man. Fuck it.
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    I know, right? Most templates are Bootstrap... but I really don't like how Bootstrap do there class names. 'btn' rather 'button'. Just want some easy work for front-end and I can work on the back-end logic...
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    What is Semantic UI? Do you mean linked-data (like JSON-LD), OWL schemas, or other web based ontologies?
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    @bioDan Here:


    It's like BootStrap, but like the name suggest, it's more natural and 'semantic'. For example, a button class is actually 'button' instead of 'btn' in BootStrap. You can also customize it as you like. Just not too many followers like BootStrap. I use it as my UI library for React.
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    @lymenlee cool, thanks!
    Let us now if it was useful
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